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The Vision Council

Member Marketing Services

We are pleased to be the Marketing Services partner for The Vision Council Optical Lab Division and members receive discounts on available products and services. 

Click here for a PDF of the Schedule of Services.

Click here for a demo optical lab website.

To see examples of a complete array of integrated marketing pieces click here for a collage page.

Contact Us About Your Needs

I can be contacted by email at dan@danbailey.com or call 770-973-3683. Please see the notes below.

Please Note:
1 - danbailey.com normal office hours are 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time. 
2 - If you want to schedule time to discuss your needs, email us with suggested times and a brief explanation of what you wish to discuss so I can be better prepared. 
3 - You are welcome to call and, if I am unavailable at that time, just leave a message.
4 - All services are provided based on normal danbailey.com policies

Get The Most Out of Your Time 

To get the most out of your time it is important that you have as clear an idea as possible about the details of your objective(s). You could say that you want to "increase sales", but you may be more concerned about growing sales with current ECP clients than you are adding new ECP clients, or vice versa. Your goal for a new website may be to present a more professional image or it may be to be able to convey more information to current clients to reduce customer service calls. Just give it some thought before we talk.

If you plan on referencing third-party websites you may want to send those in advance so they can be reviewed in preparation.

If you need something written, such as a press release or other article, you can go ahead and type up general ideas/bullet points/desired outcome, etc. and email to me in advance.

If you have older print pieces related to the work you wish to discuss please email to me in digital format if available. If you only have print pieces then mail/ship to me at the following address:

danbailey.com, PMB320
4880 Lower Roswell Rd. #165
Marietta, GA 30068