profile: Rheem Training Video

The work done on the training video for the Rheem line of tankless water heaters was done in conjunction with the Jarls & Lawrence agency, who had the contract to produce the video. wrote the script for the 30 minute video, creating two versions - one tailored to Rheem's wholesale customers and one for retail distribution under various brands distributed through home improvement stores.

The version for the wholesale customer was to be used to promote knowledge of the features, benefits and installation process. The retail consumer version was to be included with all units sold and more focused on installation process requirements, assisting homeowners to decide whether they could install the unit themselves or hire a professional.

To write the script, we received instructions as to the style and format desired and a stack of technical installation manuals and powerpoint presentations. When finished, the response from the client was, "it was as if the script were written by someone that worked there and knew the product intimately."

Once the video was complete we then converted the video segments to Flash files and created the presentation "skin" with controls for viewing the various video files. We then prepped all files necessary to create CDs for distribution and delivered a reporduction master CD for each of the brands under which the product was to be marketed.