profile: Komatsu Forklift

Komatsu Forklift Factory Stores are factory owned retailers of new and used forklifts. The mission was to create a web site separate from the corporate site that would be specific to the factory store customer base and is able to grow as the number of stores grow.

All stores have similar products and services, but they also wanted the individual stores to be able to tailor their content on the site to their needs. This required the creation of a complex site administration program to provide for overall control fo the site as well as "store specific" administrative functions.

The resulting site allows main administrators to manage the stores and local store personnel to control store specific informations such as rental price lists, specials, contacts and the used equipment database. Click here to visit the site.

Here are a few more of the specific site features:

> master admin has control over add/change/delete of users and stores

> store level admin access gives the individual store control over the variable content of their portion of the site

> stores have the ability to add used equipment for sale, adding pictures and lift info

> responsive design for improved display on pad and mobile devices

> store admin allows for changing of map links and other 'off-site' links in case of change of address, etc.